Our 75th Anniversary


St. George Media is the oldest Greek Orthodox Church in Delaware County Pennsylvania. It traces its history to 1915 when an organization of Greek families recognized the need for a church within their Chester, Pennsylvania, community. By 1920, however, the project was disbanded due to decreased activity. Hope for a Greek Orthodox church in the area was rekindled in 1926, and, although the project was postponed due to the Great Depression, the Athena Sisterhood, precursor of the Philoptochos Society “Ai Miroforoi,” a Greek School and Sunday School were established. In 1937 an initial fund drive raised $3700 for a church. By 1942, the funds increased to $16000, and a stone house and carriage house on West Seventh Street between Butler and Kerlin Streets was purchased. May 4th, 1943 was the date of incorporation signed by 15 Charter Members of the parish at the Delaware County Court House. Father Demetrios Ouzounyanis presided as the first parish priest from 1943 until his passing in 1944. Our next priest was Father Michael S. Sophocles who arrived on August 14th 1944, and celebrated the Feast Day of the Dormition of Holy Theotokos. The new church was built on the adjacent lot 1949-1950 and was named St George by it’s Godfather Andrew Verikas in memory of his brother George who died during the first World War. Father Sophocles served a thriving community until 1960.

"The church was the center of our Greek American community. As immigrants, we came together as Orthodox Christians, sharing our faith and heritage in a supportive loving environment."

- Helen Anastasakis Beldecos

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We will celebrate our history and ancestors with various events and even a trip to the original church in Chester.  We will have picture albums showcasing who we are and where we came from.  Dinner and Dancing is a must.  St. George has beautiful open hearted parishioners. Join us in this celebration.

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